Are you facing recurring issues with your current garage door? Is it making strange noises, getting stuck, or failing to provide the security your home or business needs? Or perhaps your garage door is simply outdated, detracting from the overall look of your property. You deserve better – and that’s exactly where we come in.

We understand how frustrating a malfunctioning or unsightly garage door can be. It doesn’t just hinder your daily routine but also compromises the security of your property. Moreover, an inefficient garage door can lead to high energy costs due to poor insulation. And let’s not forget the negative impact on your property’s curb appeal and value.

We’re here to transform these challenges into a thing of the past. As the trusted ProDoor installation specialists in Knoxville and surrounding areas, Camco Garage Door Company offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs.

ProDoor garage doors stand out for their superior quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s your home craving a style update or your commercial property needing robust security, we can match your requirements with a perfectly suited ProDoor garage door.

So if you are a homeowner looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal or a business needing robust security and functionality? Camco Garage Door Company is ready to meet your needs with professional ProDoor installation services in Knoxville and the surrounding areas.

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Why Choose ProDoor?

ProDoor is a well-known brand in the garage door industry, recognized for the quality and versatility of its products. Here are some of the advantages of choosing ProDoor:

ProDoor garage doors are made with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Many ProDoor models offer insulation options, which can help control the temperature in your garage, potentially reducing energy costs and noise.

ProDoor offers a broad range of residential and commercial garage door collections. Whether you prefer traditional charm, contemporary elegance, or industrial strength, there are various styles, colors, and window options to choose from.

ProDoor places a strong emphasis on safety and security. The solid construction of their doors not only offers durability but also provides a robust barrier for your home or commercial space.

ProDoor is known for its commitment to innovation. They continually work on new designs and features to enhance their products’ usability and aesthetics, keeping them at the forefront of the garage door industry.

ProDoor garage doors are installed by professional technicians who have the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a flawless installation process.

Remember that while ProDoor offers a wide range of products to meet different needs and preferences, the best choice of garage door will depend on your specific requirements and circumstances. You’ll want to consider factors like your budget, the style of your home or building, and the specific features you’re looking for in a garage door.

We Serve Knoxville and Beyond

We proudly serve Knoxville, Sevierville, Farragut, Morristown, and the surrounding areas. No matter your location, our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our exceptional service and high-quality ProDoor installations.

Experience convenience and peace of mind with a well-functioning, beautiful ProDoor garage door. Contact Camco Garage Door Company today for a free estimate on your ProDoor installation. We’re excited to work with you to enhance your property with ProDoor’s superior quality and style.

Why Choose Camco Garage Door Company for your ProDoor Installation?

With years of experience in the industry, Camco Garage Door Company deeply understands garage door installation and the specific intricacies of ProDoor products. Our trained and certified technicians are equipped with the skills and know-how to handle all aspects of ProDoor installations.

We value your time and trust. We schedule appointments at your convenience and always arrive on time. Our professional technicians perform the installation efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your day, and they leave your space clean and tidy after the job is done.

At Camco, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service. From the initial consultation to the completion of the installation, we ensure clear and honest communication. We listen to your needs and concerns and strive to exceed your expectations.

Peace of mind is important to us, and we know it’s important to you too. Camco Garage Door Company is fully licensed and insured, providing added security and protection for both you and our technicians during the installation process.

Choose Camco Garage Door Company for your ProDoor installation and experience the difference in quality service, professional integrity, and excellent results.


Brittany Ault
Brittany Ault
They did an amazing job! Reasonably priced, excellent communication and quick to complete the job!
Samer Hodroge
Samer Hodroge
Residential Call for a garage door that came off track which came with disconnected pulleys and an unwound coil. Cameron came within an hour of my call. He reset the pulleys, re-established tension on the spring, and lubricated all moving joints. Excellent service, very informative, cost effective, and prompt! I will use him again for my garage door needs.
Angela Archer
Angela Archer
Absolutely recommend Camco. They were quick to respond to my questions and quick to get me on the schedule to replace my garage door. They were friendly, professional, and efficient. Quality work was done and a quality product was installed. So thankful for the service they provided and at a reasonable price.
Michelle Kirk
Michelle Kirk
The person that help me here was very informative. With a clear understanding of my problem he was able to get my garage door working in no time. I am forever grateful for the work they do.
Agnes Shrewsbury
Agnes Shrewsbury
We are so pleased with the work and professionalism from this company.
Marisa Lane
Marisa Lane
Honest and reputable company! Would highly recommend them to anyone
Jacob Muncey
Jacob Muncey
Camco was BY FAR the best garage door company I've dealt with. I went through about 4 other companies who all were just trying to sale me something I didn't need to drive the price up. I asked for one thing from CAMCO (because the other 4 companies said I needed it). They came out, after quoting me one thing and me agreeing to a price, they diagnosed that it was a different issue and it could be fixed for less. The integrity, honesty, professionalism, and not to mention QUALITY of their work is UNMATCHED!!! I will use again, and they will be the only garage door company I recommend to anyone.
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee
Great company. Very responsive they completed at the quoted price even witg a few difficulties that popped up. No fault of theirs.
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